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Improving your football rules knowledge

  • 05 Jun 2014 10:58 AM
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    The off season is a great time to read the rule book! Take one rule a month and study it, really study it. You will learn 2 things very quickly:

    1. How much of the rule you really didn't understand

    2. Parts of the rule that you "never" saw before. 

    Everytime I study the rule book, I am amazed at the little things that come up that I had not thought of before. As a referee, I need to know all the ins and outs of the rule, but I also am aware that each position on my crew is the "expert" on certain rules and mechanics.

    Referee -Rules 2 & 9

    BJ - Rules 6 & 8

    LJ - Rules 3 & 4

    LM - Rules 5 & 7

    U - Rules 1 and 10

    YOU be the expert, know the rules and mechanics better than ANYBODY in the stadium.

    One resource that I use a lot is Reddings Study Guide. It's only about $20 and it has about every situation that could occur and great easy to understand explanations. Check it out:  http://www.penaltycard.com/brands/The-Redding-Study-Guide.html

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  • 11 Jun 2014 9:47 AM
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    There used to be a great software application called Athletic Rules Study that had 1,000 quiz questions over the rules. It kept track of the percentage of right/wrong answers for each question and quizzed you more on what you missed than what you got right. That was a great way to prepare for the season. 

    That software has been gone for a while now. Has anyone found another similar app anywhere ?

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